Thursday, March 27, 2008

Would you do it again?

All day today, my mind has been racing over every little decision I have made in the last few years that has brought me to being a senior with a severe case of life-anxiety. Once I had completely overwhelmed myself with that, the next logical question is: would I do it all again??? Obviously I have pangs of wanting to stay here just a liiiittle bit longer, but I am not convinced I would like to go back to freshman year and start over. I struggled through this huge campus all of freshman year and did not really feel comfortable here until end of sophomore year. So no, I definitely would not do freshman life again. Would I pick the same major? Yes and no. I would still like to do PR but I might change the Spanish major to something in the business school....maybe.... minus the whole accounting thing; that still freaks me out. I most definitely would go back to Spain and London which continue to be my most favorite moments in college. Weird, too, since none of my best best friends went with me. I think that is why it was wonderful. I saw I could have these amazing experiences on my own and still come back to people who love me. Priceless. Would I choose the same activities and people and ministries in Athens? YES YES YES. I don't have any regrets there- just wish I had spent more time enjoying it all. So I think my consensus is this: while I have loved many of the experiences during college and would pick the same road a second time around, I do not want to go it a second time around because I am(or will be in 6 weeks) ready for my next decisions and experiences. It's still hard to see if I have regrets over the last 4 years right now, since I am still in college and still loving this place. Ask me again in two years and let's see what my answers are then. Would you do it all again? Would you want to?