Monday, April 28, 2008

winding down

Seriously, where does the time go? That may be the most cliché statement ever typed on this blog, but really I just need a few more weeks here in athens to get my thoughts together, pack up my stuff and say goodbye to the people i truly care about. i really have had the opportunity to make the most of these last few weeks since i don't have a ridiculous amount of work or anything, so life is pretty great. last week we had our AOII senior banquet which was incredibly bittersweet but really wrapped up the last four years pretty nicely. i got burned, cried a little and loved a lot! we all danced and laughed all night and i got some sweet letters from people who mean a lot to me :) there's nothing like a solid goodbye to make you feel loved and appreciated. on the other side, i think i might be ready for life post-athens. i have felt so anxious lately, just waiting for the next part to start while at the same time not wanting to leave anything/anyone behind or anything left undone. it is such a weird position to be in to feel like you may still have some things left to do but you are tired of wondering what's next. slowly a lot of my friends are making decisions and plans and i secretly wish someone would make my decisions for me and just put me where i am supposed to be. i know that's impossible because this is the part where i "follow my heart" but that doesn't mean i have anything figured out. for all of you(or none of you) wondering, i will be in atlanta this summer doing an internship and living in good ole east cobb until august. after that, life starts- wherever that may be. I've gone through so many different cities as prospects for a job and think i may have it figured out. DC is looking pretty great right now and i am hoping that some doors will open and everything can fall into place. until then, i am having faith in Him that the plans He has, i will follow. Don't worry, i am sure to have some crazy realizations this summer and will be updating when things change or i figure anything out. until then, keep all of us graduating in your thoughts and prayers. this is the big time.