Wednesday, November 5, 2008

change and stuff

yup. I live here. ok maybe not in the white house, but here in the nation's capitol. This week has really been the most amazing time to be in DC. No, I did not vote for Obama, but regardless of your political beliefs, this is a distinct moment in time. And we (hopefully) all took part in it. Everyone I know voted. Everyone knows more about what they believe than ever before. We are the most informed group of voters there has ever been, and that is very cool. When I walked into the poll booth to vote at the hospital around the corner from us here on A St. yesterday, I felt even more alive and more like I belong here in this city. Today, walking down the street, people were fired up and passionate and excited for the future, which is great, no matter your party. McCain went out with conviction and with honor, and for that I am so very very grateful . Our country has a long way to go from here, but I am confident that we will be ok. To top all of that off, I got to go to the Republican National Committee election party last night, courtesy of my dear friend Caitlin. It was a tad depressing, yes, but also just very "DC" and fun. Courtney came too and we celebrated the election being over and acted like we belonged there :)

Last weekend we all hiked in Shenandoah, VA and enjoyed the beauty that surrounds this city. A little adventure trying to find the highway. Ok, maybe the hard part was actually getting onto the highway. My bad. but we finally got on the road and made it there and back in one piece. Didn't even have to fight a bear or anything. Caitlin totally would have bailed and left me and Courtney to survive on our own. That's definitely how she would last 2 weeks in the wilderness while any normal person would not. Cheater. I love new friends and new places and new adventures. Life is pretty good and I am incredibly blessed. More to come...