Wednesday, June 6, 2007

remember me???

oh wow.... i don't even know where to start at this point. i am looking at pretty much everything i own right now which is covering the floor of my bedroom (still not in suitcases!) getting ready for what i hope will be the best trip of my life. i leave tomorrow night for london and am feeling a little bit of everything right now. i am a little bit worried about the first leg of my trip since i will bbe getting to london friday morning, flying to jerez, spain on saturday and getting on a bus to cadiz to see annie! talk about a little jet lag. i thought i would be totally fine traveling all by myself around south of spain but now i am pretty relieved that taylor is coming with me! soo weird to think that this time last year we were studying down there and living the life. i never thought i would be back a year later to see it-and eat the gelato- again. my life really can't get much better at this point. so while i am still anxious to see how all that traveling works out, i am extremely excited to live in london and live the day-to-day there. with all the excitement i am also pretty nervous that this won't all live up to how i have built it up and hope i can just sit back and let myself take it all in. hopefully my summer last summer taught me how to do that better and i think i will be able to soak it all up. i am so pumped to meet all the people on my trip and live with katie! our location in london couldn't be much better so that is already setting us up for an amazing time! so many people are coming through london this summer too- whitney and forbes, alison nester, haley gardner, and my sis are all going to come at some point so it willl be refreshing to see all of them. well, i am going to attempt some sleep now- wish me luck and look for some more interesting updates from the other side of the pond shortly!

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