Wednesday, May 2, 2007

everything in moderation.

after completely stressing about everything for about 2 days, i decided i needed to take a step back and relax a little until i really need to study/ do my projects. i think i'll be much more productive if i have slept and maybe even gotten a tiny tan! so thats what i did yesterday and then accidentely slept in today... guess i needed it?!

I started taking all of my stuff down in my room too and packing it into some boxes which is pretty sad. as ready as i am for not having to go to school and do group projects, i am not ready to say goodbye to athens. i am reaaally going to miss this place and everyone here. i thought that by junior year i would be used to saying goodbye and knowing how it is when you get back in august, but it really doesn't get easier. especially after we just had senior banquet and i am NOT ready to be a senior whatsoever. i would like to just freeze the time after finals and stay there forever. i am pretty excited to get to see my friends at home though since i didn't really get that chance last year. well, get ready because i am making this(probably my last) summer the best one yet!!! it has a lot to live up to from last year though that's for sure....

annie and i went to meet with the landlord yesterday which made it finally real that we officially have the cutest house in athens for next year with the best group of neighbors ever so everyone absolutely must come visit all time! after two years of not really being able to invite people over or entertain or cook, i am definitely ready to have a place where i can do all of those things. also, i couldn't ask for a better roommate :) so even if it is our last year or whatever i think i have some pretty amazing things ahead and will still be learning as much as i can about life before i hit the big time. can't wait!

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