Sunday, October 14, 2007

back and better than ever...

ok, no false promises this time. Instead of trying to catch up on everything that has happened since I wrote on this last time, consider this a fresh start. I have been doing so much thinking and praying lately, that it seems like there is a lot going on in my head that could be on here. I think the biggest reason I haven't updated in a while is that I just didn't have anything exciting going on but I do have a lot of thoughts so here goes.

This is such an amazing time in my life. I am completely and totally unsure of what life holds for me after this year and college is over, but as scary as that is, it is the most excited I have been in a long time. I love the idea that the next step is not laid out and that I am not signed up for anything definite yet. My parents may not exactly think that's the best idea, but as usual, they are being so supportive and are eager for me to set out in the next direction. Any ideas? I am definitely up for suggestions at this point! It's funny that I am not really scared to death or even that worried, it is more of a peace about not knowing and believing enough in myself to think I'm going to be doing something. Let's just hope I don't eat my words in a year.

I have been incredibly blessed in my friendships this year and all throughout college. I am learning so much from everyone around me and really taking everything in right now because I really do want to grow and understand the lives of people around me. I love hearing everyone's stories and experiences and figuring out where I fit into all of this. To me, life is about relationships and our interactions with one another can really change everything if we let them. I absolutely would not be the person I am right now or who I will become in the future without each and every person who has been placed in my life and hopefully will continue to be placed in my life. I really am learning to appreciate just the time we spend with one another and not worry so much about the things I have to do or places I need to be.

I hope to be able to write more throughout this year and to see how much I am learning and working out as I get closer to life outside of Athens because I think sometimes half the struggle of getting somewhere is just understanding the journey. Can't wait to see what's coming up, so stay tuned.

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