Saturday, May 31, 2008


In case you live in a hole, Sex and the City opened yesterday and I am fairly certain all females between the ages of 17-50(and all gay men) were in attendance- at least at Phipps AMC they were. The line went around the atrium and I don't know if I've ever seen aggression from a bunch of girls like that. Chaos. It even required a security guard on a Segway, duh. But all in all that may have been the most animated and excited audience I've ever been in for a movie and I thoroughly enjoyed my $11 viewing...yikes.

The job at Weber Shandwick (ok, internship) is going very well and I have learned so much in my short three weeks already. They tend to take older interns whom they expect a lot from and I am honored to have been given the responsibility- can't wait to see what happens out of this opportunity. I do have typical (fun?) intern duties too, though. Yesterday Caroline, my sidekick, and I got the duty of carrying a 10 foot tall sign down the service elevator, to the loading dock and stuffing it into the dumpster which did not go as planned and I was half-expecting a memo to go out over the company e-mail list asking what idiots left the poster sticking out the dumpster. oops ;) hey, the elevator guy told us too, right?!

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