Wednesday, July 30, 2008

game time

Life happened to me in the last few weeks. I always said that once I got back from our family trip to South Africa, I'd get serious about finding a job and figuring out my life decisions. Well, guess what: I'm back. Scared out of my mind but feeling like it is definitely time to live by faith even when I'm fearful. Maybe especially when I am.

Our trip was literally the most amazing family adventure we have ever had. I laughed more and appreciated the people around me more than ever before. My family is amazing. Simple as that.

While over there, I got a call for a phone interview and ended up doing it from Kruger National Park- aka. in the bush with the monkeys. It went pretty well and I flew out to DC this week for an interview. Even though all of this is quick and overwhelming and serious, I feel this is right. I'll make final decisions about moving soon, but right now it's looking like I may be leaving Atlanta to start somewhere new! With or without an offer from this company, I need to get serious about where to put my jobsearch effort, because I was not made to be an intern forever (though I loooove the company I work for now. stupid economic downturn.).

So for everyone wondering what all these vague explanations mean: I am thinking about a move but nothing is final. Any suggestions, comments, concerns? Someone just tell me what to do. No, seriously, do it.

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