Sunday, March 29, 2009

hey life, please slow down. love, bonnie

so it's been a while. i know. Thanks to my dear friend crob, i am updating but don't know where to start! Today was one of those days. the great days. The sun came out, I ran around some monuments and watched sweet kiddies fly kites, and then meg and I sat and watched the world go by from our porch steps. life doesn't get much better. seriously.

whit came to visit last weekend which was just what i needed and a little pick-me-up when i was missing home and loved ones. she is such a wonderful friend to me and i am lucky to have her in my life. we also had a bevy of other visitors, making our house seem like a hostel for a few weeks but we love it and welcome anyone who wants to visit the district! You'll fall in love with this place just like i have. plus i just have cool roommates.

And, for fun, here are a small list of my favorite blogs, which I think everyone should check out for a laugh or just a good read:

Next weekend is the cherry blossom festival in DC, which means pretty flowers, a parade and japanese food, oh and also brett. well, he's not really part of the festival but he'll be here all the same so i put him in the same category...

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