Tuesday, April 28, 2009

crab cakes and football...that's what maryland does!

we took an adventure out to annapolis for sunday funday this week, to get out of the city on the hottest day (90 degrees!) of the year so far. it was literally one of the most perfect days I've had in a while, sitting on the dock drinking beer and then cracking open some crabs at cantlers inn. ok, it was also the messiest day i've had in a while, as you'll see in the pictures below. those poor crabs never stood a chance. i felt very "new england" sitting in maryland, eating crab and drinking yeungling on a dock and getting sunburnt because we have all just barely survived a long, cold winter ;) good thing dc doesn't do spring and we jumped straight into summer this week! hello, sunshine!

so what should i plan for this summer? got any ideas for trips, activities, sunday fundays in the future? or you can all just come visit so you can also take part in them too. because i am not moving back south anytime soon. my heart is in this district. well, most of it anyways...


and after...

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