Thursday, April 5, 2007


Last night was a whole new level of procrastination for me, but I honestly have so much more energy than I would have had, had I not spent that time with people i love! Annie played this great song all night called "Dance" by Caedmon's Call that I think everyone needs to listen to on a daily basis, especially if you are stressed and need a break like i did(alright,honestly, i listened to it like 7 times...) If you drove by redeemer at about, oh, 11:00 last night you would have understood what it means to dance(B.Aills has got some moves)! But everything I did yesterday to avoid my presentation and test today was extremely good for me. Rob's message at RUF last night was powerful and really hit right where I was the day before about feeling confused and wanting to have all the answers right now. He told some awesome stories of things that didn't make any sense at the time but then later you realize it was God's idea the whole time, you just needed to have a little patience. Crazy to think about but also awesome to step back and get a little perspective. I mean, who am I to think I have it all figured out and know the best thing for me? HA that is a good joke since I can't even make a powerpoint without getting distracted for like 9 hours.... and that is why Annie's song(which will now officially be our theme song so no one steal it) was so great because instead of me sitting here worrying about the future and why thing's aren't happening exactly like I want them to, I need to just appreciate all the precious gifts I have like great friends who will act like complete idiots just because I need the break! Life is GOOD!!!!!

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