Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Ever since everything that happened on monday i have just kind of been thoughtful and not feeling very social at all. it is probably a combination of all of the tragedy and also the fact that school is hanging over my head and causing a little stress. but at the same time when i feel myself complaining about my unfortunate stress or whatever i have to realize how small my worries really are compared to what else is going on in the world. as always, a little perspective goes a long way... my heart still goes out to everyone at virginia tech as they attempt to not only understand what happened but also come to terms with their loss. i hope there are more stories of heroism and courage in the face of whatever monster could so something like that. i have been grappling with the idea that one "human" could have that much evil inside. what he did was not human. something bigger than humanity was at play in that person's mind and that is extremely terrifying and hard to comprehend- even a little bit. i like John Mayer's lyrics that "the heart of life is good" but you have to wonder which life really is good. i know i don't believe this is all we have to look forward to, especially when things like this are going on and there is so much pain. it's just really overwhelming to think about, even for me all the way down here in georgia so i cannot imagine how the students at Va Tech are dealing.

One other thing that really has been laying on my heart though is how much good we have the ability to do with our time. I had my last hero committee meeting tonight and just knowing that all of those college students are using time they could be doing tons of other things to instead raise money and help our cause, my faith in people gets really strong. i see the good we have been able to accomplish already and that makes me feel comforted that there really is so much more good around even amongst such evil.


On a lighter note- if anyone was riding in the milledge bus i was running alongside of yesterday that then shut the door in my face when i got to it, i bet you had a good laugh. it was not my best moment on the milledge bus line i have to say. mean driver... oh, and i was running with coffee in my hands(yes i was that girl). anything i can do to provide a little entertainment for y'all!

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