Sunday, April 1, 2007

something new

well i decided to start a blog. i know most people won't care about this but i think it's pretty neat and i have a lot going on in my head so this might be good...

anyways i am sitting here right now listening to the rain which is awesome, so i decided not to do my spanish paper but instead to do something i actually care about: write my thoughts. right now i am in the middle of a lot of different emotions coming mostly from the fact that i am really really happy. Not that i have been unhappy lately, but right now life is pretty great. i have some amazing new friends who i adore and who i have really enjoyed spending time with as of late and for that i feel so blessed.
i can't believe that pretty soon i will be heading into my last year of college. I am not one of those people who has savored every minute or enjoyed every second at uga but now that i can see the end, i am very content to stay here (forever) and enjoy the moment. it's not that i regret how i have spent the last three years because everything has brought me to this exact point, i just know that for the rest of my time i intend to appreciate it all. that goes for everything in my life. i tend to get wrapped up in my busy schedule and forget about the things that are important and that make me feel better about myself so i have to check myself often and simply slow down. today is one of the days where i am getting perspective and taking a step back from stress. it really is not worth it- that's the biggest thing i have learned in college. three years ago i could not see everything that way and i am so grateful to have been able to change by viewpoint on some of what matters. that's not to say i never worry or put unimportant things on a pedestal, but i do try to spend time with people rather than work stuff and not get into a hole. gotta live for today, right?
well thats all for now- until next time!

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*Annie* said...

I couldn't agree more bonnie!! You put it so well... :)