Monday, April 2, 2007

for real???

ok i know how stupid this sounds, but i just got done watching the bachelor and could not believe some of the girls were allowed to even be on camera.... i know that show is a huge joke in general but i think this season might even be the worst yet because either the girls are barbie blonde or completely weird for the most part. wow...

alright since that really has no relevance to life or what i really care about, i'm done venting for tonight!

tonight at our hero exec. we actually got a chance to hang out and just relax for a minute which was awesome and the stuff we talked about really helped me stay motivated to raise a ton of money and get pumped for us to do some really awesome stuff to fundraise for the kids in atlanta. i know my friends get so tired of hearing me talk about hero all the time but it is something i really believe in and feel like i am actually making a difference. so for me, it has been one of the most positive things i have been involved with in my life. i think thats why i like this year in college so much. instead of spreading myself over 100 different activities and events in small ways, i put more effort into the things and people i love and who make me feel loved and important. it is a blessing that i even have the chance to do any of this and i really really believe it is our obligation to give back and do as much good as we can with the opportunties we are given. my dad has been the biggest influence with that point of view in my life and hope that when i am older and have a family, i will have the means to give as much as i can because that really is what makes me happy. that may sound incredibly cheesy and insincere but i guess it's what i'm thinking and that's what this is for, right?

today i got to sit at walker's to study and got distracted thinking about how much i really do just love athens. i don't think i would have seen that coming as a freshman when i didn't really feel comfortable here at all but now i know that this place is the perfect town for me right now. to sit outside and just enjoy everything around me(while still kinda being productive?)-life doesn't get much better!

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