Thursday, April 26, 2007

a little inspiration

ok tonight is all about me bragging on hero. OMG we have already raised over $78,500 in just four months which is more than all of last year combined!!!!!! We ALSO won best organization of the year and 2007 best campus event for the hero olympics so it's safe to say we are kind of on a high right now! i could not be more proud to be a part of it all even in the smallest bit and see how enthusiastic all the committee members girl has already brought in $3500- i mean, i think she might be insane but it works out great for us. anyways that was just the perfect boost for what has easily the most stressful week of my college career. two papers, 3 tests, a presentation, and 2 projects later i am alive to tell about it but it's hard to go the whole week and not really have time to just chill and hang out with the people i care the most about. i realllly don't function well like this but i'm just gonna keep truckin' til next week when this is all almost over. crazy to think it's so close to summer now- i'm not ready to be a senior! i'm really not, like that is not a joke in the least. i am not ready to say goodbye to some of my favorite people who will be leaving me shortly for bigger and better things in the world :(

enough about the sad stuff, i just got back from dinner with some of the people i went to spain with last summer and who i definitely have not seen enough of this semester. if someone had told me this time last year that i would come back with such an incredibly close group of friends after that trip, i would have told them they were crazy but that is exactly what happened! more so than so many of my friends who have gone on study abroad trips, our group is just amazingly close and get along great and really do(minus this semester) see a good amount of each other. we pretty much go to dinner once a month at least and have big blowout parties like twice a semester which is a lot considering we all have other friends and things going on. these people are amazing. i know i talk about my spain trip and all the people from it way too much, but they are so much a part of why i have been so happy this year and just so fulfilled after last summer. they made that trip what it was and every time we hang out i am reminded of how much FUN we have even though we have been back for almost a year(sooo crazy to think about!). just shows me how God placed each of those people there for a distinct purpose and i am so very appreciative of the time we got to spend there. the group i am going to london with has a lot to live up to in my eyes! just kidding. but seriously...

haha well grey's is about to start and helen and annie and maybe waud are coming to watch with me- hooray!
more thoughts on my life later-

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